UNIWIDE DRILLING CO. LTD., has a fleet of truck-mounted and track drills ranging in size and weight to meet the challenges of a wide range of environmental and geotechnical drilling conditions, depending on location and soil type.

Our Services
NEW!  Concrete coring
› Hollow & solid stem auger drilling
regular or oversized hollow stem augering
› Penetration testing
(140lbs x 30" drop height - automatic trip hammer)
dynamic cone penetration testing (DCPT)
            standard penetration testing (SPT) (2' or 5' spoon)
› Installations
monitoring wells, piezometers, slope indicators & down-hole instrumentation
Shelby tube sampling
› Shear vane testing
› Odex capabilities
› Soil probe core sampling
› Electronic cone pushing
piezocone, resistivity & seismic options